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Pet-friendly apartments: In Japan, the best course of action is to be honest

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    For animal lovers, finding a pet-friendly apartment in Japan isn’t easy. Anyone searching for an apartment will find their options go from practically hundreds to pretty limited once you click the “pet-friendly” checkbox on a search filter.

    With limited housing options that allow pets, some people might be tempted to consider sneaking their beloved companions into non-pet-friendly apartments. However, bypassing rental contracts and hiding a pet can lead to problems with your landlord and neighbors, expensive fees and even evictions.

    Let’s explore the risks and consequences of sneaking a pet into a non-pet-friendly apartment in Japan and alternative solutions for pet lovers.

    Why Are There So Few Pet-Friendly Apartments?


    How can they say no to to that face? Photo: iStock/ Rawpixel

    The reason for so few pet-friendly apartments in Japan is due to several factors, such as:

    • Property Damage/ Cleanliness: Landlords hesitate to allow pets due to potential damage and odors.
    • Limited Space: 90% of Japan’s population is densely packed in urban centers. Thus, there is barely space for one person in an apartment, let alone them, plus a pet.
    • Noise: Your walls could be very thin, and the noise could disturb your neighbors.
    • Building Regulations: If the building is run by an association, it might not even be up to your landlord.
    • Health: A lot of people have pet allergies. Even if it’s unlikely that your pet could cause the neighbor upstairs itchy eyes, your landlord doesn’t want to risk it.

    Still, that doesn’t mean people in Japan don’t want pets. The urban lifestyle, small apartments, and historically demanding work culture led to Japan’s pet-cafe boom. So even if you can’t have a pet in your apartment, you’re probably not too far away from a furry friend. Just be sure to consider whether the cafe is humane.

    What Are The Risks?

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